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AMIT Creative Production is a company based in Ploiesti, Romania that creates and manufactures advertisement material since 1994. AMIT has succeeded in satisfying the local advertising market through various types of ATL and BTL advertising solutions for dozens of clients and hundreds of projects.


The client was using a custom application solution combined with a web-based solution (Podio) for the management of advertisement production. The first software solution, a desktop-based application was used to manage client accounts, orders, ongoing projects, production monitoring and the design layout files while Podio was used for project management, more specifically activity scheduling and launching tasks. The problem was having the relevant data divided between two systems that could only be accessed from the company headquarters from terminals that had the software installed. On numerous occasions data got duplicated, generating confusion regarding some of the orders  as well as internal communication.


By analyzing the specific software market , AMIT Creative Production had selected our ONE ERP platform as an optimum solution for their needs because it fulfilled their requirements of usability, integration as well as convenient data access through public and private cloud storage.


ONE Software has managed to integrate all of the data processing that AMIT Creative Production needed by implementing them into the One ERP platform. Ten employees are currently using One ERP and can access the status of all their orders without any difficulties. Over 300 clients are registered within the system, and there are no duplicate entries for their order history and order processing in One ERP. Furthermore, internal communication within the company has been improved by integrating the HipChat system in One ERP. Employees are notified about tasks, projects, orders and more directly through HipChat. This way, time spent on project status office meetings has been reduced thanks to more fluid communication.


Ever since 2009, since it was launched, Cristallini has positioned itself as one of the most renowned fashion houses in Romania. The showroom in the heart of Bucharest, on the Magheru boulevard, has become the reference for women looking for unique evening dresses. Soon after its launch, the request for Cristallinni’s products shifted from imported dresses towards unique creations. The brand was launched internationally in 2004. Due to the company’s significant growth, the brand felt the need of a simple yet efficient help to monitor all the worldwide orders. This is how Cristallinni came to meet ONE ERP.


The client solved the accounting for the brand by managing several Excel documents and the Saga Software. The working procedures were thus lost from one month to another due to the lack of correlation between the Excel sheets and the Saga Software. After years of trial, the team was convinced they needed a software that was easy to use and would standardize the working procedures. ONE ERP turned out to be the best management system they could hope for.


The management system ONE ERP succeeded in including all the procedures used by the brand to satisfy the processing of the orders in a singular app. Therefore, from the planning of the order, the production of each detail of a dress, till the selling and accounting of all products have been integrated into one place. ONE ERP managed to stockpile all these procedures in a cloud based app.


Cristallinni team uses ONE ERP everyday, while being able to find all the information for each order just a few clicks away. The software not only enhanced the way in which each order for a Cristallinni was following a procedure, but also reduced the amount of time spent on dealing with each order. The stage of manufacture of each Cristallinni dress is easily communicated amongst the team, since ONE ERP facilitates the transparency of each process.


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